2023-ongoing, Mannheim / DE

The former office tower, centrally located at the eastern entrance to Mannheim, is to be converted and made future-proof for the use as a hotel. The inner conversion plan is to retain the powerful concrete structure, make it visible and use it for the small-scale subdivision of a hotel. In contrast to these subtle interventions on the inside, the external appearance changes completely. The ribbon façade of the former open office becomes a perforated façade according to the new hotel layout behind it. In total, these interventions pursue the goal of transforming the building into a confident urban block that lives up to its prominent location and new function. 

Status: In Progress (LP 1-4)
Program: Conversion, Hotel with 215 rooms
Client: K1 Holding
Net Floor Area: 11.258m2
Structural Engineering: Haag Ingenieure

2020-2023, Offenbach a.d. Queich / DE

Single-family house with a focus on a simple, sustainable, and recyclable timer frame construction, which allows a high degree of prefabrication and a high energy efficiency standard. The central element under the gable roof is a floor-to-ceiling built-in that bundles the ancillary rooms and makes private and public areas separable from each other.

Status: Completed
Program: Private House
Net Floor Area: 150m2
Image: Nicolai Becker

2023, Karlsruhe / DE

Mailboxes, trash cans, ATMs, benches, fountains – these are many small objects of the urban space that, like the kiosk, enjoy a rather unimportant existence as purely functional pieces of public infrastructure. But through the concrete behavior we perform there, we allow these micro-architectures to awaken into "temples of the sidewalk" – places of cult and ritual to which we regularly go on pilgrimage in everyday life. The design is therefore not only dedicated to the kiosk as the largest temple, but supplements it with all the other small but characteristic temples of the urban space, houses them and celebrates them all under one common roof.

Status: Competition Proposal
Program: Kiosk
Client: Architekturschaufenster e.V., Karlsruher Fächer GmbH, K3 Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro Karlsruhe
Net Floor Area: 15m2

2022, Munich / DE

A construction limited to a minimum of material. This serene, light membrane attempts to atmospherically capture the key motifs of the 1972 Olympics – namely the desire for a “democratic green” as well as the roof over the landscape. In addition, modular lightweight structures provide space for the numerous documents and models.

Status: Completed
Program: Exhibition Design
Client: Architekturmuseum in der Pinakothek der Moderne
Net Floor Area: 615m2
Graphic Design:
Photos: Kim Fohmann

2022-2023, Oberschefflenz / DE

In 1974, the Protestant church community acquired the old kindergarten and used the building as a parish hall until October 2022. In addition to declining membership, the community was confronted with the poor structural condition of the building and had to abandon it. Nevertheless, there was a desire to breathe a second life into it as a multi-generational building to counteract the urgently needed housing shortage in rural areas.

Status: Design Study
Program: Conversion, Multi-Generational Housing
Client: Prokiba GmbH I Kirchliches Bauen
Net Floor Area: 485m2

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