Offices / Hotel


Karlsruhe / DE, ongoing


The architectural design for the Rheinstraßen-Areal in Karlsruhe Mühlburg builds structurally as materially on the industrial character of the urban setting, complementing it with contemporary flexible uses. The two parts of the new complex – consisting of a hotel and an office building – retain a certain autonomy, but are related to each other through their structural logic. This logic creates open, light-flooded spaces, which can be organzied both as office landscapes or classic cellular offices, and allows an adaptable reconfiguration of the hotel rooms into business apartments. The light-weight shelving structure flanking the office building on its south side provides communicative outdoor areas and also serves as an effective sound as well as heat insulation measure.

Location: Karlsruhe Mühlburg
Construction task: New building
Topic: Retail, Offices, Hotel
Gross floor area: 17.000 sqm
Hotel: 160 rooms
Office: divisible into 12 units of approx. 400 sqm each,
additional workshops and studios on the ground floor
Status: in planning
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